Easter Egg Rescue- Day 2/21 of Pinterest Pins

This is the second blog post in trying 1 Pinterest pin a day for 21 days.  This is to see what it’s like to keep up with the Pinterest moms. The second project of the challenge is a very low mess and easy setup.  These are the best projects because they typically include items already found in the house. They also require minimal effort!  Projects with developmental benefits are also great for toddlers.  This project will help with fine motor skills!

This is called Easter egg rescue.  All that is needed is painter’s tape, kitchen utensils, a large container, and plastic Easter eggs.  These are all things I already had.

First, criss-cross painters tape across a large plastic container. Make sure to leave big enough spaces for your toddler to reach through.

      criss cross tape over rubbermaid container

Add plastic eggs, these ones from the Dollar Store are so cute!

Put various kitchen utensils out.  I suggest large spoons and tongs.

Prompt your toddler by modeling the activity and doing it first or saying things like:

“Can you rescue the koala?”

“I wonder which tool is best to get that orange egg?”

“Look how strong your fingers are to grab that egg and move it to the bowl.”

This project was a hit for us, Tatum spent almost 20 minutes rescuing the eggs and could do it independently.  There were no messy ingredients so I could leave him to play on his own.  This project will be repeated again! It would be fun to put different items in there depending on the season. I’m imagining pumpkins for Halloween or hearts for Valentine’s day.

This project is perfect for that 2-4 age range, younger kids would also be able to do this just using their hands to grab the eggs.

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