2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Baby

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1. For the Teething Baby
The first few months of a baby’s life are filled with lots of new experiences, including teething. Help soothe your little one’s gums with a teething toy or pacifier. Look for one that is made from organic materials and is free from harmful chemicals.

2. For the Crawling Baby
Once your baby starts crawling, they will be into everything! Get them a activity mat to help them explore their new world in a safe way. Look for a mat that has different textures, colors, and shapes to help stimulate your baby’s senses.

3. For the Walking Baby
Once your baby starts walking, they will be on the move constantly! A baby walker can help them get around while keeping them safe. Look for one that is sturdy and has adjustable speed settings.

4. For the Talking Baby
As your baby starts to learn how to talk, they will love learning new words! A talking toy can help them learn their first words. Look for a toy that speaks in both English and Spanish to help your child learn both languages.

5. For the Reading Baby
Reading is such an important skill for children to learn, and you can start teaching your baby early! Get them a book or two that they can look at and listen to. Look for books with bright colors and interesting illustrations.

6. For the Artistic Baby
All babies are born with an innate sense of creativity! Nurture your child’s artistic side with some art supplies. Look for non-toxic crayons, markers, and paint that are specifically designed for babies and toddlers.

7. For the Musical Baby
Music is such an important part of childhood development! Introduce your child to music with a musical toy or instrument. Look for toys that have different sounds and rhythms to help your child appreciate different types of music

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